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Are you exploring clear aligner treatment? Learn more about OrthoFX™ Clear Aligners offered at Power Smiles Dental Care in Gilbert & Queen Creek, Arizona!

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Power Smiles Dental Care is partnering with OrthoFX™ to offer you invisible, painless, hassle-free teeth straightening treatment.

If you decide to move ahead with treatment, you’ll start receiving clear, custom-made orthodontic aligners from OrthoFX™ – shipped to your dentist’s office. Each week you’ll put in a new set of aligners designed to gradually move your teeth into place. Unlike traditional braces, OrthoFX™ Clear Aligners are nearly invisible and can be removed at will so you can eat, drink, and brush your teeth with comfort.

As your treatment advances, you’ll be able to use intelligent monitoring software provided by OrthoFX™ to track your progress remotely. That means fewer trips to the dentist’s office. Each week, you’ll get the satisfaction of watching your smile improve. Your optimal tooth spacing will enhance chewing function and help you brush and floss more easily so you’ll have healthier teeth and gums for the long-term.

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How do OrthoFX™ Clear Aligners Work?

OrthoFX clear aligners are a convenient alternative to traditional braces. They’re removable, almost transparent, and made using a special 3-layer proprietary polymer that’s more efficient and more comfortable than metal.

Using 3D scanning technology, the doctors at Power Smiles Dental Care will create a personalized aligner system that gently moves your teeth into position stage-by-stage. Made from a next-generation polymer, FXTetra™, the clear aligner fits over your teeth like a glove, applying gentle pressure on each tooth to gradually straighten them over time. The aligners are shipped to your doctor’s office and you’ll switch out your old aligner with a new one each week.

Every treatment plan also includes a retainer to help make sure your teeth stay in place after you’ve completed your treatment. The retainers are made from a special FXTetra Bright polymer that gives your teeth a natural white color without the use of harsh chemicals.

OrthoFX™ teeth aligners are:

Comfortable – Made with 3 layers, each aligner has a central elastomeric layer for added comfort.
Stain Resistant – The strong external polyester layer resists stains.
Invisible – The aligner’s ISO refractive surface makes them very hard to spot.

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What Conditions Benefit from Orthodontic Aligner Treatment?

Most people have a slight overbite. But when your front upper teeth significantly cover your lower teeth, you’re at higher risk for injury, pain while chewing, and speech problems.

An underbite can cause problems with chewing and digestion and increased wear and tear on your front teeth.

A crossbite isn’t just a cosmetic issue. Misaligned teeth can cause pain and increase the likelihood of tooth decay.

Gap Teeth
Gap teeth can cause pockets to form between the teeth and gums where food gets stuck. This causes sore and tender gums and even leads to gum disease.

Open Bite
An open bite can cause problems chewing, increased wear and tear on back teeth, and speech problems.

Crowded Teeth
Crowded teeth are difficult to brush and floss. Plaque accumulation in inaccessible areas can cause tooth decay, bleeding gums, or bone loss.

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FAQs about OrthoFX™ Clear Aligners

What is OrthoFX®?

Power Smiles Dental Care offers OrthoFX as an Invisalign® alternative. With OrthoFX, you wear an aligner similar to Invisalign®, but this aligner makes your teeth look straight when you wear them - it's Invisalign® but better! If you have trouble remembering to wear your Invisalign® aligners, OrthoFX may be perfect for you. Since they make your teeth look straight, patients are more likely to wear them. OrthoFX aligners also make your teeth look whiter.

How long does the process take?

The length of treatment depends on the plan you put together with your dentist. Each week, you'll swap out a new set of aligners, but the total number of weeks can vary depending on the extent of treatment. Ask your dentist how long your treatment is likely to take.

Does it hurt?

Nope! OrthoFX® Clear Aligners use a three-layer structure that makes them more comfortable than other orthodontic aligners. The special elastomeric layer in the middle gives the aligners more flexibility so they feel natural throughout the day.

OrthoFX® vs Invisalign® - which should I get?

OrthoFX® Clear Aligners are made for people who want more discreet orthodontic treatment. Braces are comprised of metal and affixed to the teeth so they cannot be removed until the end of treatment. With OrthoFX®, the aligners can be removed while you're eating or brushing your teeth. This gives you a wider range of food options and makes for a much more comfortable experience.

What makes OrthoFX® Clear Aligners different?

OrthoFX® provides award-winning customer support. They will answer any questions about financing and dental insurance. The OrthoFX® team mixes in-person and remote care, giving you the best of both worlds. This makes it so you receive the care and attention of export dental professionals and the convenience of remote monitoring.

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