Sleep Apnea Treatment

Improve your quality of life and health with restful sleep. If you wake up in the morning tired, experience frequent morning headaches, occasional drowsiness during the day, snore, have high blood pressure, occasional jaw joint discomfort or ringing in your ears, you may suffer from sleep-disordered breathing.
Snoring and sleep apnea can aggravate and cause several health conditions, but there is great news. Ask Dr. Herr about using an oral appliance to improve snoring and sleep apnea rather than using a c-pap or medications.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Gilbert and Queen Creek
At the office Bruce L Herr, Jr., DDS, we help treat the issues that are the primary cause of sleep apnea and snoring. We’re proud to serve patients throughout Gilbert and Queen Creek and nearby communities.

How is Sleep apnea in Gilbert and Queen Creek diagnosed?
In order to properly diagnose a sleep-disordered breathing issue, we will send you home with a WatchPAT home sleep study device. After wearing the unit for one night, the results are sent to our board certified sleep physician to interpret the results and diagnose any sleep issues that may exist.
We also use the state-of-the-art computer Eccovision to evaluate your nasal and oral airways for obstructions or narrowing.

Our team, using the state of the art Ecovision to help in the diagnostic process of sleep apnea.

The sleep physician that works with our practice will evaluate the sleep test results and diagnose any conditions that exist. We then look at the results of our evaluation of your airway using the Eccovision, and we will also take a CT scan that will show potential narrowing of the airway and any nasal airway blockages that exist.

Home Sleep Testing in Gilbert and Queen Creek
Referred to as portable testing, sleep apnea can be evaluated at home to monitor your sleeping patterns. The WatchPAT home sleep study device provides critical information for the sleep physician to evaluate and make a diagnosis. Home sleep testing is less invasive and easier than going to a sleep facility and sleeping in a foreign environment.

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